What are your last words?

Things can go unexpected. Do not make your family, friends or colleagues to worry. We deliver your message when things go out of control!


How does it work?

Contacts & Message

Build a contact list and write your message that needs to be delivered when something goes wrong.


Set up how often you would like to check-in. As long as you are active, we know that you are safe.


In case you happen to miss your check-in, we will deliver your messages to your contacts.


About the service

No Worries is an online service that checks if everything is alright with you. There are many cases when you cannot deliver your message due to a long trip, unexpected events or ... We are here to ensure that your contacts will receive your message when things go out of your control.

A platform that delivers

Our fully automated platform lets you to schedule the delivery of your email and SMS messages and audio files. Customize your settings and be sure that your contacts receive your message when you happen to miss your check-in.

Your message is safe with us


Registered Users


Registered Contacts

How We Deliver

We can deliver your messages in many ways, based on your personal preferences.


Send a pre-defined email to your contacts.


Send custom SMS messages to the given phone numbers.


Upload an audio file or use our text-to-speech send a voice message.

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